Signature Transport, Inc.



Signature Transport, Inc. is a 90 plus person transportation company specializing in hauling wood residuals out of sawmills as well as doing poultry live haul... Our main terminal is located in Kelso, WA just off of the I-5 corridor; we also have separate a yard in Portland, Oregon and a number of Trucks based in Central Oregon just south of Bend. Company operations continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and only stop on major holidays.

Signature Transport Family

As a family owned company, we understand the importance of the words “home daily.” Whether our employees work days or nights, in the office, in the shop or on the road, their families depend on them to make it home. So we here at Signature Transport, Inc. take employee safety very seriously. This starts at the individual level and continues on in our well maintained equipment. By remaining safety oriented we can ensure that the job gets done and our employees get home.



Founded 50 years ago.

Don Lemmons, founded the company with only three trucks in 1966. A lot has changed in the past 50 years, the company has grown to a 40+ state of the art fleet which services many customers in the Western States. Dale Lemmons, the company’s president began driving a truck for the company over 37 years ago.


Pride & Professionalism

We pride ourselves in our professionalism, customer service and good name in the trucking industry. Since we serve a broad spectrum of customers across Washington and Oregon, we see the need for diplomacy at every level on every mill-site. Therefore, we have a high standard when it comes to customer relations, as our employees are the face of our company in the workplace.

If you feel that you would like to work in an environment where safety, professionalism, customer service and a good name are valuable parts of your career, contact us and we’ll show you how you can become a part of our team here at Signature Transport, Inc.